About SuperChina

We remember our exhausted parents placing the steaming plastic bags, on the small kitchen table. The nems crunched under the tooth, the ravioli burned our palate and the noodles melted in our mouths. Those were moments of delight. 


SuperChina was conceived as a small vessel ready to transport its customers back to the nostalgic moments of their childhood. The three portholes in the heated display windows bring the past to the present. 


The wooden frames are inspired by Marc Riboud's beautiful 1923 photo of Beijing, Da Sha La Street through an antique shop window. Rudy Guénaire also wanted to bring the sleek, shiny, techno-savvy modern China of Chengdu face to face with the traditional China. 



Image credit : © Ludovic Balay.

Get lost in time. Get lost in space. To better enjoy the simple moment of a well-prepared meal.  

The project was designed by Rudy Guénaire and implemented by his agency Nightflight. Nightflight also handled the naming and branding. 


About Rudy Guénaire


Creative Director and cofounder of PNY (Paris New York), Rudy Guénaire has been striving for two years to design his restaurants himself. The thirty-year-old, having worked on various projects and by meeting the right people, has auto-taught himself to the task of interior designer.


His passion for design is certainly nothing new. When in 2012, fresh graduate from HEC, he creates his concept of quality hamburgers with business partner Graffi Rathamohan, taking a stand against fast-food restaurants, his ambition is to revisit the traditional American diner with the willingness of interpreting it in an architectural way that Is both original and high-level. An idea that came to mind during his 5 month hike across the states during his gap year.





In order to achieve this, he surrounded himself with interior designers whose approach he admires. First with CUT Architectures, for the first restaurant address in Paris, the black ceiling full of lightbulbs in reference to Broadway’s theaters, and covered in mirrors creating an illusion of Paris and New York, cities of lights, closer than never. Rudy Guénaire later collaborates with Bernard Dubois, whose soft and sensual expression of minimalism he admires. The young entrepreneur enriches his knowledge through contact with these talents, by developing concepts, working on plans and visiting building sites.


After having inaugurated eight restaurants, whilst in search of his next collaboration, and idea comes to mind : why not give life to his own vision ? From there onwards, PNY’s new addresses are entirely thought of and designed by Rudy Guénaire himself. Along with this, he is also the group’s creative director, manages the business, and writes the newsletters, literature being another big passion of his.





66, Rue du Faubourg Poissonnière, 75010 Paris