When we chose the thread for this issue and decided to talk about the culture behind each industry, I never imagined the depths and extent  we would go into.
That may be four issues now, which means countless artists and contributors interviewed to date, and every one of those interviews is part of the team. They are part of me. Not only have I read each and every one of them ad nauseam, but I have dissected them, studied them, integrated them into me.
I have learned about different artists and teams, designers, creative people, I have discovered new projects, new industries. Completely new work cultures.
And yet, as I set to writing, I have never felt smaller. We are surrounded by culture and industry and we are blind humans. We are not aware that everything around us is design, and in some way art. Every object and service that surrounds us, has a mind behind it that thought, more or less rightly, about its perfection. How to create the perfect object or design the perfect service to satisfy a need, or several needs of other people. Or perhaps one's own. However, regardless of how small or large this object, this project or service is, it normally requires not only a person, it requires the designer, the person who manufactures it, and if this person is the same, the tools he or she uses are not created by him or her. 
Then this object or service will require a sale or promotion of this and although once again all this may fall on the same person, it is not the person who has created these channels of communication, it was other people. Other minds.




All this is telling us that, although we live in our own bubble, we need other bubbles to survive, we need our small ecosystem, the industry we work in, to connect with another one. With another ecosystem to survive.