Originally from Sussex, England, Tahnee brings a sense of metaphysical prowess to her work through a cast of celestial figures, all of which make their way onto the canvas via layers of oil paint that seemingly exude a meditative effect prompting the viewer to either question the ways of the world when it comes to connecting with source, or alternatively catapulting the mind into cinematic flashback mode via Cocoon (1985) or The Abyss (1989). In addition to painting Tahnee also creates iconic soft sculptures, all of which induce awe, wonder and a bona fide desire to snuggle. “They’re meant to be lived with,” she insists of the objects that can measure up to 14-feet long and are produced in collaboration with costume designers in L.A.  “You can cry into them. You can take naps in them. I often meditate in mine. They’re vessels of weighted energy that are here to hold space for us.” 

Portrait of Tahnee Lonsdale.


With both solo shows slated for 2024 there’s a definite sense of imminent bravado simmering around Tahnee as she continues to question an otherworldly approach to creativity and making her mark on the global art scene from the confines of a sunlit studio in Venice, cross-checking career milestones, motherhood and plunging into deep refuge on solitary nature trips exploring the California coastline. 

Moby 2023 French Terry-fleece and polyfill - Artwork Unfathomable Oil on canvas. 





Artwork Illusion colored pencil on cartridge paper. 


Solo shows scheduled this year; 
one in Paris at MASSIMODECARLO’s Piece Unique in March and the other at L.A’s Night Gallery in September.