Born, raiders and based in Lisbon, Mafalda studied architecture for two years, but she gave up and ended up graduating in design. At the end of her graduation, she took a big trip and tha is when everything changed for her. She started using instagram, and the rest is history.

My name is Mafalda Patrício.
I'm 29 years old and got married recently, in July.
I was born in Lisbon; I live and have always lived in Lisbon.
I studied architecture for two years, but I gave up and ended up graduating in design. At the end of my graduation, I took a big trip and that's when I started using Instagram a lot and from there brands started working with me.

How would you describe yourself?
Above all, I would say that I see myself as a very fun girl, always very very optimistic. I love to party and go out at night. I always try to see the bright side of things, and I preserve an ability to keep moving forward, very focused.
But it's not just good things. I admit that I’m very messy.
My friends describe me, saying that I am very relaxed and uncomplicated.  




How did you start your career on social media?
Initially, when Instagram came out, I used the app mainly because of the filters and then I posted the photos on Facebook.
It was a very basic profile, with many pictures among friends.
When I finished the course, I went traveling for a month and that was when I started to gain a lot of followers and brands sent me invitations and products. When I arrived in Portugal, I already had trips booked with brands to Madrid, Barcelona, and Paris.
It all started like that, very suddenly, and very naturally. Suddenly, I found myself, graduated in design, but I didn't even have the time or need to send resumes, because my schedule was already very full of proposals for publications.