Sépia, is a place that invites us to explore a time
honored tradition; of eating from the land and sea,
not far from where we are. With a focus on seasonality and freshness, Chef Paul Langlère along with his team take inspiration from their lush environment in the south of France, and embody the place with simplicity & honesty, all whilst reinventing the codes of bistronomy, to deliver outstanding dishes time and time again.

What was the inspiration for the name Sépia? Does it signify a certain tone or mood of the place?
Sepia actually is the latin name of Squid, it is widely used in areas around the Mediterranean stemming from old Arabic and Portuguese. The name to me, is about the sea and anything to do with the sea. I love the sea, and working with seafood like sea urchins, anchovies and what we can find close to Marseille.
With our panoramic view, the feel of Sépia invites you to be inspired by the sea as it has most certainly inspired me through my life. It’s also about honoring tradition in a modern way, with the past serving as an inspiration and something we strive to preserve.
Tell us more about your background, how did you go from sports into the kitchen serving wonderful seasonal food?
Yes, of course, so I used to work in the sport communication industry, but when I was a young boy I told my parents what I really wanted to be was a restaurant critic. I wasn’t really good at school. Finally I decided to quit and I really wanted to have this restaurant. I passed my basic culinary training degree in six months. To start a new job it was very hard and the kitchen is very difficult almost like, a military, it was a very rough way of learning and you learn everyday.




Tell us more about your time in Paris, how has that shaped you as a person and as a chef?

In Paris there’s a lot of restaurants to learn and work at. It was stressful for me as a person who comes from Marseille where life is more easy going. But I didn’t quit and I persevered because I know where I want to go, I had a goal in mind. So I learned very quickly and progressed in my career and this is where I am today.