Rodes Rollins is nostalgic talent. Her lyrics are contemporary stories that explore modern day realities while her sound fuses strong western inspirations with a distinctly innovative twist that transports the audience to a place both uncertain and yet familiar. Rodes Rollins manages to make her music an experimental journey for everyone who has the pleasure of listening to any of her pieces.

First of all, we would like to know about your origins and your relationship with music, where it was born? Let’s talk about your childhood years…
I started writing songs pretty much when I began playing the guitar, when I was eight years old. That’s how I learned to play guitar, mostly using the instrument as a writing tool. I learned a few other people’s songs, but for the most part, I was more interested in making my own music.
I was very lucky to work with a woman named Liza in my town, in Colorado who acted as a mentor to me and taught me about songwriting. She had a studio set up in her garage and she would let me come and record. She would even have some of her friends come and play instruments on my songs.




I was very drawn to music in the first place because my older sister was a vocalist and she was always singing around the house. She was actually the one who initially asked my parents if she could take guitar lessons. I think she played the guitar they bought for her for all of two weeks before setting it down. Then it just sat there. I eventually was the one who picked it up and got into songwriting. 

When I was sixteen or seventeen, I recorded a little EP just under my own name, Talia, when I was in Colorado.