Stefano, you are Italian, Architect and Interior Designer, you own a studio in Barcelona. You’re also a Design collector and lover, founder of
@goodsgoodstefano a virtual gallery where you sell and rent your pieces. You have also been a teacher at Elisava for 30 years and a great adventurer who likes to travel the world with your motorhome, your motorbike and your family. Can I start with some quick questions?

Milan or Barcelona?
Barcelona was spectacular when I arrived in the 90s at the Olympic time. There was a euphoria, a courage and a desire to try new things and to take it as an opportunity to improve the city. When I left Milan after my studies, I wanted to get out of there, because being an architect or designer in that environment was much more difficult than being one in Barcelona, and despite moving away from the family contacts (that are important to start in this profession) I found more opportunities in Barcelona. In Milan, the architect had to be a bit political and configure himself with an image, an appearance and institutional support. In Barcelona, I saw a more transparent, honest and younger city.
Architecture or Design?
Designing a city, a building or an object is the same. It is simply a change of scale where the detail acquires greater or lesser importance. It is thinking about how people use it and finding a balance that generates well-being.




Design or People?

Design for people. 

Motorhome or Motorcycle?

Motorhome because I can travel with my wife and my family. Traveling together is—and has been—great, and a basic part of our own education. When you teach things with emotion and out of your usual environment it makes you more perceptive, and a child or teenager really appreciates that. Traveling in a motorhome also allows you to listen to music, and it is a great opportunity to think and create. 

Why @goodgoodstefano?

The project was born during confinement. I decided with my son Marcello to photograph my collection of Modern Design to generate a catalog, then I realized that I did not mind giving, renting or selling them to continue buying.