Kaia is a floral and linen boutique founded by two Bahraini sisters, our team insipration for the design came from old master artists and botanists. Each individual from our team chose an artist and we came up with a collage thats bespoke and unique.

Artshow “Transcend”


A curated art show featuring series of new and recent works as well as the unique Cardiac works by London based International artist Taline Temizian.
In this show fifty two works have been presented that range from paper, multi-media pieces and sculpture to projection and canvases, all of which talk about the Transcendental state of the heart and it’s relationship to the brain in a complex world of stories, networks and hence endless possibilities and consequences that surround us.




Cantine, Manama, Bahrain, 2016

Cantine is an organic and healthy bar where you can just go and have a cup of good coffee or a healthy snack. The concept and design behind it, is that the place looks fresh and clean, so the team came up with natural elements and subway tiles to fill the space. with a different design of hanging greenery and mirrors to give the place more space.