Private Villa in Bahrain

This design was all about Contemporary style and look. We transformed this classic living room into a light luxury space. There is a lot of natural light in this room that will give you a feel of being outdoor while in the comfort of your own home. The colour palettes we used where all neutral.  The suspension lights give an eye catching finish to the design.

Seven Concept


Se7en concept is a luxury online retail store that focuses on international Niche brands from all around the world. Our inspiration for the web design is all about the costumer and how to easily navigate and shop. As for the colours and layout, our aim for the design of the web to be unique, minimal and striking.


The Ark

Base is a multidisciplinary branding consulting. They offer multiple services. From market study to brand development. I was hired in 2014 to create all visual assets, Logotype, visual elements like patterns and illustrations. I was inspired totally for the center of thigs, the duality…possitive, negative, inside, out, strong, weak.